Droitwich Spa Marina

A 238 berth marina within the Green Belt recently constructed by GJP Marina Developments on the newly restored section of the Droitwich Canals in Worcestershire. This 7.5 mile stretch of canal was reopened in 2011 which links the Worcester & Birmingham Canal with the River Severn creating a new 21 mile cruising ring.

GJP designed the marina and obtained planning consent in 2009.

The ground conditions proved to be challenging for the construction team due to a high water table and variable types of subsoil within the excavations.  An impermeable liner to the base and sides of the marina basin was achieved by extracting pockets of clay within the development area and placing and compressing layers of material to create a waterproof membrane. This avoided the high construction cost of importing puddling clay or adopting a synthetic liner system.

  • Date: 01/17/2012
  • : photograph taken during 14 day stilling test period