The Construction Stage

Since 2006 the company has completed the construction of 10 new marinas and has been involved with numerous upgrades and maintenance of existing marinas. It has a high reputation for innovative design, quality workmanship and cost control.  The experience and skill of their groundworkers provide an invaluable contribution to the company’s reputation in managing difficult ground conditions.  The construction teams are able to tackle any eventuality in an efficient and economic manner.

dewatering system at perimeter of marina basin prior to formation of an impervious liner
sheet piling for service dock at Great Haywood

The construction stage of the development includes:

  • Detailed design of the engineering works and submissions to Statutory Authorities
  • Contract Management, coordination of trades and control of costs & programme
  • Excavations, formation of the basin and placement of excavated spoil
  • Construction of the jetties, sheet piling, stone gabions and concrete cappings
  • Formation of structural entrance  to the river or canal
  • Installation of water, electrical, fuel and drainage services
  • Construction of external works including roads, footpaths, bridges and service areas
  • Provision of landscaping including reed beds, shallows and habitat areas
  • Administering the contracts for the ancillary buildings
  • Discharge of planning conditions
  • Provision of ecological mitigation methods as agreed with Statutory Authorities
  • Provision of renewable energy systems, e.g water source heat pumps & solar energy
  • Undertaking Canal & River Trust procedures e.g. permeability tests of materials and final stilling test