The Completion

The completion of a marina by GJP will incorporate a number of features beyond a simple basin for mooring boats. The placing of the excavated spoil, removed to create the basin which averages a volume of 60,000 cubic metres, can be of paramount importance to the overall appearance. At Tattenhall Marina, the flat uninteresting fields were remodelled to create an attractive rolling landscape that enhances the appearance of the marina basin as a natural body of water. At Great Haywood, the spoil was placed to create a nature area and habitat for wildlife, recently featured on BBC Countryfile.

A marina can often incorporate shops, restaurants and other amenities. GJP has recently obtained planning permission for 9 additional retail units at Barton Marina, Staffordshire.

The high quality of finishes to the basin, buildings and exterior works, i.e. footpaths, service areas and landscaping, are a feature of GJP.